Fentimans San Francisco Mocktail

How To Make A San Francisco Mocktail

The San Francisco is one of the most famous mocktails out there. This delicious soft drink is so full of flavour that it doesn’t need alcohol to make it pop! A fruity, citrus mix, this mocktail will taste wonderfully refreshing on a hot day. It’s normally made with soda water, but if you can’t get enough of its orange flavour, why not try a version of this classic drink using Fentimans Mandarin and Seville Orange jigger?

Read on to find out how to make a San Francisco mocktail.


  • Sugar, for decorating glasses
  • 300g ice cubes
  • 200ml lemon juice
  • 200ml orange juice
  • 200ml pineapple juice
  • 200ml Fentimans Sparkling Soda Water
  • 6 tbsp grenadine
  • 6 slices orange or lemon, for garnishing


  1. Combine the sugar, ice cubes, lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, and Fentimans sparkling soda water in a mixing jug and mix thoroughly, crushing the ice cubes as you go
  2. Moisten the rims of your cocktail glasses and then dip them in sugar
  3. Pour the mixture from the jug into the cocktail glasses and then add 1 tbsp of grenadine to each of the drinks
  4. Garnish your mocktails with a slice of orange or lemon to serve
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