Our one of a kind, time-honoured Botanical Brewing process demystified...

Sourcing the finest botanical for Fentimans drinks


The indulgent and distinctive flavor experience starts with scouring the globe for the finest natural ingredient

AND It’s what we do with those ingredients that make our drinks so special...

  • Flavor Creation

    • We check every single ingredient by smell, taste and feel...
    • We reject if not to the highest possible standard
    • We use raw ingredients to create flavor that goes into every bottle
    • Our flavor creation expert adds water, ethanol and ingredients to a vat and checks the ingredients daily
    • Flavor extraction has taken place when our flavor expert says so. They test this by hand
  • Botanical Brewing

    • Three secret ingredients are added and simmered to ensure flavors combine
    • Temperature cooling and adding yeast
    • Brewing begins, at which point we begin to infuse with ginger
    • Infusing continues for a minimum of 7 days and is tasted every 12 hours
    • Once the yeast has finished it’s work, we allow the botanical base to cool and mature to gain flavor
Fentimans bottles on the line

Flavor and botanical base are infused before carbonation.

Water and natural beet sugar are added before carbonation adds sparkle to the liquid.

“It’s ready ONLY when it’s ready”

-Master Flavor Creator-

Fentimans Cherry Cola on production line


Pasteurisation not only extends the life of our drinks; the heating process also plays a role in melding together the array of essential oils, botanical extracts and flavors

The result is a rounded, smooth and balanced taste experience.

A multi-stage process from botanicals to bottle resulting in exquisite flavor in every Fentimans drink