22 Aug, 2022
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Cola cocktails are packed with flavour. To invigorate your tastebuds, the Fentimans team have expertly crafted the perfect curiosity cola mixer infused with the finest herbal ingredients and rich cinnamon notes.

Here are four of the best cola cocktail recipes to try for yourself.

How to make a Black Russian

Vodka, rich coffee liqueur, and our full-bodied curiosity cola combine perfectly in a classic Black Russian cocktail. 


50 ml premium vodka
25 ml indulgent coffee liqueur
200 ml Fentimans curiosity cola
1 scoop of cubed ice
1 maraschino cherry to garnish 


1. Pour decedent vodka into a tall glass of your choosing.
2. Add coffee liqueur for a rich depth of flavour.
3. Scoop cubed ice on top of the vodka and liqueur.
4. Top with our invigorating, chilled curiosity cola.
5. Garnish with a temptingly sweet maraschino cherry. 

How to make a Long Island Iced Tea

Ideal for summer afternoons by the sea, an expertly shaken Long Island Iced Tea is filled with sweet, citrus, and cola flavours.


12.5 ml vodka
12.5 ml gin
12.5 ml rum
12.5 ml tequila
12.5 ml triple sec
100 ml Fentimans curiosity cola
25 ml fresh lemon juice
25 ml clear sugar syrup
1 lemon wheel to garnish
2 scoops of ice


1. Pour all of the spirits and liqueur, lemon juice, clear sugar, and 1 scoop of ice and syrup into a cocktail mixer. Shake well with ice to combine the flavours.
2. Add 1 scoop of fresh ice into a glass.
3. Strain your cocktail mixture into the glass, discarding any used ice left in the shaker.
4. Top with our curiosity cola, either mixing the ingredients or layering the shaken mixture with our cola for a more artisanal finish.
5. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

Tricks for layering soft drinks and spirits

Sophistication is an integral part of cocktail mixology. To layer your Long Island Iced Tea,
carefully pour cola on the curved top of a tablespoon. This will allow your mixer to sit on top of the shaken spirits, sugar syrups, and tangy lemon. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also turn a long bar spoon upside down and rest the flat bottom on top of your shaken spirits, sugar syrups, and tangy lemon mixture. Carefully pour your cola down the spiralled stem, raising the bottom as your glass slowly fills. This is a great way to layer with more flair. 

How to make a Cuba Libre

A Cuban classic, enjoy a mixture of rum and cola at its finest with a refreshing Cuba Libre.


50 ml rum (white or dark depending on your preference)
25 ml fresh lime juice
100 ml Fentimans curiosity cola
1 scoop of cubed ice
1 wheel of lime to garnish


1. Simply build your ingredients in a lowball glass: cubed ice, rum, fresh lime juice, and our premium curiosity cola.
2. Stir until the ingredients are combined.
3. Garnish with a lime wheel. 

How to make a Cola Old Fashioned

Cola can add a whimsical twist on an Old Fashioned, a classic cocktail full of depth. 


50 ml bourbon
50 ml Fentimans curiosity cola
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 cube of brown sugar
2 scoops of cubed ice
Orange zest to garnish


1. In a lowball glass, pour 2 drops of Angostura bitters onto a brown sugar cube and crush.
2. Add a scoop of cubed ice.
3. Pour in the bourbon and stir continuously until the sugar has dissolved and the ice has melted.
4. Add another scoop of cubed ice.
5. Top with a dash of our curiosity cola.
6. Carefully cut a slice of orange zest. First, rub this around the rim of the glass. Then twist the zest above the drink and place it as a garnish. This will infuse the cocktail with citrus notes.

Curiosity cola is a welcome addition to multiple cocktails, whether you’re ready to create your own recipes or remix classic concoctions. Invigorate your cocktails with our range of fizzy drinks, spanning from curiosity cola to pink lemonade and premium tonic water.

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