14 Oct, 2021
Joe Schofield making a cocktail with Fentimans Rose Lemonade
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Fentimans are pleased to unveil the first edition of a new multi-part mixer campaign ‘Crafted for Mixing,’ telling the stories, inspiration and journeys behind the craft of the world’s best chefs and bartenders.

In part 1, we speak to world renowned and award-winning bartender Joe Schofield.

Having worked in multiple venues across the world, Joe recently returned from Singapore to his hometown of Manchester to open SCHOFIELD’s bar with his brother Daniel.  

In this video, Joe tells us about the inspiration behind opening Schofields and the importance to him of family, heritage and attention to detail. He also explains what he thinks is most important when creating a mixed drink and why he chooses Fentimans as his mixer of choice.


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