Longest Advert – get the clues to win a trip to New York and other prizes!

01 Jun, 2023
Longest Advert – get the clues to win a trip to New York and other prizes!
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Here at Fentimans we’ve created the World’s Longest Advert as part of the campaign to celebrate our Botanical Brewing process, because it takes at least 7 Days. A slow process which is essential to creating an unparalleled, distinct depth of flavour.

To celebrate our unique process, we’ve set up a competition to win some great prizes.

You can enter the competition between 1st June and 2nd July 2023.

Find one of eight unusual surprises that happen during the World’s Longest Advert. Prizes include a 4-day trip for two to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in New York, tickets to Kew The Music festival, dining vouchers for London’s Sky Garden and Fortnum & Mason picnic hampers.

Here are some clues to help you win! Each one will also be shared daily on our social media. Good Luck!

Day 1. A Roman soldier and pagan Briton battle between 13:45 and 13:50.

Day 1 @ 13:47 - A Roman soldier and pagan Briton fight

Day 1. Two dodgy spies break cover between 08:40 and 08:45.

A suitcase in a field

Day 2. A couple of hikers get lost between 20:55 and 21:00.

Day 2 @ 20:57 -  Two hikers get completely lost

Day 3. Pirates hide their treasure between 13:57 and 14:02.

Pirate treasure chest!

Day 4. Queen Victoria goes for a gallop between 12:15 and 12:20.

Queen Victoria's hobby horse

Day 5. A robber’s on the run between 19:20 and 19:25.

Day 5 @ 19:22 - A robber is chased by the police

Day 6. The ravers arrive between 19:10 and 19:15.

Raving glasses

Day 7. Things get flaming crazy between 19:57 and 20:02.

Day 7 @ 20:00 - A fire dancer gets put out

To enter the competition, visit www.longestadvertever.com.

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