17 Mar, 2020
Two Fentimans bottles one with Mum and one with Mam on the label
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At Fentimans, we’re extremely proud of our North East roots, where lots of us are known for calling our Mothers, 'Mam'.


To see what the rest of the country thinks, for this year’s Mother’s Day we surveyed the nation to find the UK’s favourite name for all our amazing Mothers!




According to the survey, just over half of us call our mother ‘Mum’ with the next three most popular expressions being ‘Mom’, ‘Mam’ and ‘Mummy.’ Predictably, the most popular region for the term ‘Mam’ is the North East of England (with 35% of people), closely followed by Wales (13% of people). 

What do we really call our Mothers? Infographic

To celebrate, we produced a limited edition run of Rose Lemonade bottles, personalised with the three winning names, 'Mum', 'Mam' and 'Mom' to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift, wherever you live!

Mum, Mam and Mom personalised bottles


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