29 Apr, 2024
  • Research from Fentimans finds the top 10 big, bold, flavours loved right now by Brits.
  • Pickles (47.8%) are top of the list of favourite punchy flavours, followed by brown sauce (45.5%) and marzipan (39%).
  • The research surveyed 1,000 UK adults in celebration of the distinctive flavour profile of its classic Dandelion & Burdock soft drink.

FENTIMANS, the premium soft drinks and mixers brand, has discovered that big, bold flavours are popular with Brits across the country, with pickles (47.8%) coming out top of the list followed by brown sauce (45.5%) and marzipan (39%).

Fentimans, a specialist in creating botanically brewed soft drinks packed with flavour, and famous for its Dandelion & Burdock, asked 1,000 UK adults aged 18 to 65 which punchy flavours they enjoy the most.

According to the research, many controversially strong flavours are a big hit with Brits across the UK, with over a third (38.5%) saying they’re partial to the taste of liquorice, are lovers of Marmite (36.3%) and enjoy sipping on a bottle of Dandelion and Burdock (33.05%). Also on the list of favourite flavours is blue cheese (32.7%), coriander (31.9%) and sardines (25.3%).

The complete top 10 list of big, bold flavours loved by Brits is as follows:

  1. Pickles - 47.8%
  2. Brown Sauce - 45.5%
  3. Marzipan – 39%
  4. Liquorice – 38.4%
  5. Olives – 37.8%
  6. Marmite – 38.3%
  7. Dandelion & Burdock – 33.05%
  8. Blue Cheese – 32.7%
  9. Coriander - 31.9%
  10. Sardines – 25.3%

When it comes to the lovers of big, bold flavours, those aged 65+ take the title, as their favourite flavours are revealed as brown sauce (60.7%), liquorice (54.4%) and sardines (41.6%). In comparison, those aged 18-24 preferred olives (38.6%) and blue cheese (32.5%). 

While the majority of Brits opted for pickles as their favourite punchy flavour, Northerners (60.4%) say theirs is the distinctive flavour profile of Dandelion & Burdock. This is likely down to the feelings of nostalgia it sparks for people in the region as it’s reminiscent of childhood and enjoying the beverage alongside a Fish ‘n Chip supper. 

In comparison, whilst those in the south are fans of Dandelion & Burdock, over half (56%) say their favourite big, bold flavour from the list is olives, while people in the East Midlands enjoy the taste of liquorice (46.5%).When it comes to childhood preferences, over a third (36.6%) of Brits say their favourite food to enjoy was fish fingers, followed by baked beans (35.5%) and Angel Delight (34%). In comparison, stronger flavours like Parma Violets (17.3%) and liquorice (21.9%) were less favourable than they are now. 

Commenting on the research, Food Scientist and Flavour Expert Rachel Edwards-Stuart said: “A number of salty foods appear in the list of top 10 bold flavours liked by Brits. In addition, sardines, marmite, and blue cheese all contain compounds that activate the umami taste (the most recent of the five tastes to be identified) which means savoury deliciousness in Japanese. It is of little surprise that salty and umami-rich ingredients are so popular because researchers have shown that even from a very young age we are naturally attracted to pure sweetness, saltiness and umami but this preference for sweetness seems to decrease into adulthood.”

Jayne Andrews from Fentimans said: “At Fentimans, we’re not shy about flavour. We’ve been creating distinct flavours since the original Ginger Beer recipe in 1905. Our classic Dandelion and Burdock has always been a favourite, here in the north, but we’re glad to see that the whole nation’s taste buds are seeking out food and drinks with individuality!”

For more information visit Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock.

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