Botanical Brewing

Botanically brewed isn’t a trendy label we use for marketing – it’s the technique of making premium quality drinks which has been handed from generation to generation of the Fentiman family.

In fact, it’s botanical brewing which sets us apart from other carbonated drinks. It’s the point of difference that underpins the Fentimans brand promise and delivers unsurpassed quality: characterized by a rich depth of flavor, silky mouth feel and luxurious body.

The indulgent and distinctive flavor experience starts with scouring the globe for the finest natural ingredients.

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Due to its diverse climate and vast amount of fertile land, the Americas can grow a huge variety of fine fruits and flora.

Pink Grapefruit


One of the largest members of the citrus fruit family, pink grapefruit is tangy, while carrying a luminous sweetness. The sharp yet sweet notes create a delicious melody of flavors in our Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water – the perfect recipe for an invigorating G&T like no other.


At Fentimans we try to source as many ingredients as close to home as possible. Lucky for us, Europe holds some of the finest ingredients in the World!



Elderflower has been a staple of the English country kitchen for centuries. The delicate white flowers grow wild in European hedgerows and come into bloom in June, signaling the arrival of summer. To capture the essence of an English summer, we use the finest elderflowers and transform them into a pale, floral liquid which is Fentimans Sparkling Elderflower.



Our specially sourced oranges are grown in the Mediterranean region and are renowned for possessing a tangy and intense citrus character. The temperate climate allows the oranges to ripen slowly, developing a vibrant and bold citrus dimension that packs a flavorsome punch in our Valencian Orange Tonic Water.

Rose Oil


It is the inclusion of rose oil that gives our Rose Lemonade its distinct and delectable floral flavour. We source our rose oil from Kazanlak, in Bulgaria, known locally as the Valley of the Roses and famed for producing the highest-quality rose oil. Harvesting of the rose petals happens in a narrow window of time, occurring just once a year. The rose petals must be picked by hand, at sunrise, when they are at their most fragrant, with the oil extracted within hours of picking. The result is a delicate and distinct rose flavor.


Some of the finest exotic ingredients are grown in the Asian continent.

Ginger Root


Ginger root has been used for millennia as a herbal medicine and as a cooking ingredient in Asia. Two thousand years after the Romans first started to import ginger to Europe, Fentimans continues the tradition of importing the finest Chinese ginger root. To make Fentimans Ginger Beer, the ginger root is crushed before the intense and spicy flavor is extracted and botanically brewed. The result is a complex taste which is fiery and full of flavor.



Famously used by British colonists to protect them from contracting malaria, quinine harvested from the bark of the cinchona tree is the vital ingredient in the creation of tonic water. Extracting the purest quinine is essential in giving a premium tonic its distinct, dry and slightly bitter taste. The quinine used in our drinks has a long association with the British making tonic water in their overseas empires.

Crafting a perfectly balanced flavor is up to our highly experienced flavor team, charged with creating the depth of taste, mouth feel and texture that people expect from a Fentimans drink. To ensure quality and traceability, we take ownership of the drink-making process from start to finish, with the simple ethos:

Once the natural botanicals have been sourced and prepared, the multistage botanical brewing process begins…

We start by infusing botanical ingredients in simmering water, to extract the natural flavors. The extraction of flavor takes time and cannot be rushed. It’s the same with obtaining flavor from an array of botanical ingredients: the flavor-creation process results in a concentrated and balanced botanical liquid ready to be fermented.


The metabolic process of fermentation, using live yeast, is the start of the magic, the dark art, the alchemy which sits at the heart of a Fentimans drink.

Fermentation takes place for seven days in classic open square fermentation vessels – allowing rich and complex flavors to develop slowly as the yeast, sugar and natural pear juice come to life. It’s during fermentation that a myriad flavor compounds are created; these contribute to the overall depth, complexity and flavor of the finished drink.

Flavor Creation

To complement and enhance the fermented botanical liquid, natural flavors and essential oils are extracted in house from expertly sourced ingredients, then mixed with the fermented botanical liquid. This results in the indulgent, distinctive and complex flavors.

Water and natural beet sugar are added before carbonation adds a sparkle to the liquid.

Pasteurisation not only extends the life of our drinks, but the heating process also plays a central role in melding together the array of essential oils, botanical extracts and flavors.

The result is a rounded, smooth and balanced taste experience.

So, that's botanical brewing

a multistage process from botanicals to bottle, resulting in exquisite flavors in every Fentimans drink.