She is fearless

For this years International Women’s Day, Fentimans are celebrating all the fearless and inspiring women who bring the drinks industry to life. Day in, day out.

Throughout the whole of March, inspired by the achievements of our mascot, Fearless, join us in recognising the incredible work of the women who makes the world a better place!

If you would like to nominate a fearless colleague or professional partner, fill out the form below and they will receive a Fentimans ‘She is Fearless’ award at their place of work.

Have you received a She Is Fearless award?


Fearless was our founder, Thomas Fentiman’s, family dog. Living up to her name, she became the two-time winner of Crufts obedience class in 1933 and 1934. Thomas Fentiman was so proud of her achievements she has guarded every Fentimans product ever since. You go girl!

It is this fearless spirit that goes into every Fentimans bottle and drives every Fentimans employee to make the world's best botanically brewed soft drinks and mixers



Steph is the unsung hero of the Fentimans marketing team! She is incredibly hard working and always takes on challenges with a positive attitude. And she can rock a baker hat!

Country: UK


Alyssa is a young MMA fighter that has won her recent fight for a title/championship belt! Alyssa lives in Chicago and fights several times a year. She truly is fearless. When Alyssa is not executing at a high level in competition, she is executing at a high level as an analyst for Fentimans US sales arm, Green Seed.

Country: USA


Anne has worked in PR for over 15 years and set up Kapranos PR in 2012. Since then she has grown the company to become one of London’s leading boutique restaurant, bar and food & drink agencies. Anne constantly explores new drinking, dining and event trends and is very passionate about working with Fentimans. Anne’s fearless sense of work comes across in everything she does and as a result of this the Fentimans brand has been featured in title such as the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Evening Standard and more!

Country: UK


Sylwia has a successful track record in the drinks industry, previously involved in wine and spirits before joining Fentimans where she has helped spearhead and drive tremendous growth all over the world. She takes all challenges in her stride, remaining focused, target driven, determined, passionate and committed. She is a true asset and a pivotal member of the Fentimans team.

Country: UK


After a short stint in retail, Katherine moved into the drinks industry and never left, as a Marketing Manager for the UK's biggest privately owned Pub Company – Stonegate. She leads the way in Food & Drink Marketing from start to finish from menu innovation and market trends to launch and execution.

Country: UK


After more than two decades of working within the bar industry in every capacity imaginable, Alex has been instrumental in altering the direction of Melbourne’s cocktail scene and is known as one of the most inspirational, kind and real people out there. She continued to inspire us at the 2019 Speed Rack charity bartender competition with how bravely and gracefully she hosted the event as a recent Breast Cancer survivor herself! Here is our fearless hero her Fearless lookalike!

Country: Australia


Laura #fearless Brandist – Regional Marketing Manager for Genting Casinos has a successful career in the hospitality industry. She is the the most enthusiastic person and advocates girl power through and through. She lights up any room she enters as her smile is contagious.

Country: UK


Karyssa is our lovely Canadian brand ambassador for Fentimans - controlling and leading the way for all Fentimans brand campaigns, marketing and social media. She leads this on a national and local level. Her market insights and knowledge are invaluable and more importantly on trend.

Country: Canada


Flora Montagni is our Export Sales Manager at Fentimans covering an array of countries from France to Thailand and many in-between. Her attention to detail is inspirational. One of her many skills is being trilingual, speaking English, Italian and French fluently! She builds strong business relationships through her international knowledge and understanding of markets and competitors.

Country: UK


A bartender and photographer from Brisbane, is the ultimate unstoppable, fierce and fearless queen! In 2019 alone, she was crowned Australian Liquor Industry Awards Bartender of the Year 2019, was winner of Australia's Speed Rack, took the top spot for the global final of Licor 43 Bartenders & Baristas Challenge, featured in both Drinks World T25 and Australian Bartender 100 Most Influential lists and made it to the final four of Bacardi Legacy! Millie has proven time and time again that her creativity and unique flavour combinations make her one of the industry’s most promising talents to watch.

Country: Australia